Tech Tip # 1 Gerotor Seal Height

Parker/ TRW / Ross HGA Hydraguide Series Tech Tip # 1 Gerotor Seal Height

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Tech Tip # 1 Gerotor Seal Height

Did you know the HGA series gerotor seal is actually taller than the steel gerotor retaining ring?  Even though it looks odd, it is taller!  So if you think we shipped the incorrect seal because the seal is taller then the steel ring,  chances are we shipped the correct seal. Before you trim the seal to fit please look at the photos and read this post!

The HGA gerotor seal is rubber and designed to be taller than the retaining ring.  (Please see our Photo #1 Photo #2 ) When assembled the seal is compressed forming a complete seal.

We frequently receive calls stating the seal is taller than the seal that was removed.  The rubber seal shrinks from age, and exposure to many heating and cooling cycles.



HGA Seal retainer Rotor Seal Seal #
HGA07 1.436″ 1.585″ 032625
HGA08 1.497″ 1.648″ 032626
HGA09 1.560″ 1.717″ HGA09RS
HGA10 1.623″ 1.786″ 032618
HGA12 1.748″ 1.923″ 032619
HGA14 1.873″ 2.066″ 032627
HGA16 1.998″ 2.203″ 032628
HGA20 2.248″ 2.511″ 032620
HGA24 2.498″ 2.753″ 032629
HGA28 2.747″ 3.026″ 032621
HGA32 2.998″ 3.313″ 032759

Chart is in US inches

Please see exploded view

Service Manual is available here

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