John Deere AL69804 Midwest Steering Replacement

Product Spotlight: Midwest Steering GS41160C, replacement for AL69804

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So why buy a GS41160C?

Our focus today is on the GS41160C, a top seller in our exclusive John Deere replacement line.

Let’s highlight the advantages of the Eaton AL69804

Installation:   A true bolt-in replacement, this valve requires no modifications to install, and all internal hydraulic functions are the same.  It also accepts all the existing mounting hardware and the original steering column.

Performance.  All internal hydraulic functions are replicated.  The GS41160C has the exact same hydraulic valving as the AL69804.  Closed Center, with inlet check, valve, manual steering check valve, anti-cavitation valves, and cylinder shock valves

Quality: This is a precision European manufactured valve, with superb fit and finish.  Emphasis on quality is apparent down to the automotive grade paint used. We are not peddling some Chinese cheap knock-off. Replacement parts are available, if you ever need any.

Service:  We are not just re-sellers; we service what we sell in house. We have been here 30 years, and we only sell steering gears and steering units (valves). We sell and service thousands of steering valves every year.  From our technicians to our hydraulic test bench, we only have the best!

Everyone asks “So what’s the difference”. All things considered, PRICE is the main variable. Why pay $760.00, when you can pay $549.00.  Sure the valve is made in Europe, the Char Lynn here in the USA. But there are plenty of other parts on this tractor that are not US made.

So if saving $211, doesn’t convince you maybe the warranty will.  The GS41160C has a 1 year parts and labor warranty. Same as the Eaton Char Lynn AL69804.

GS41160C Replaces

John Deere Steering Valve # AL69804 and the older AL41635

Eaton Char-Lynn # 262-1003-073, 262-1003-074, 262-1169-001, and 262-1169-002

Used in some of these tractor models:

#2350, 2355, 2750, 2755, 2950, 3040, 3140, so always match the numbers from the valve you have in the tractor.  If your unit numbers do not match please call for help in finding a replacement. Keep in mind the AL69804 and the GS41160C both have Metric ports

Experience: Buy from professionals who have specialized in steering for agricultural and industrial applications for over 25 years.  Steering is all we do! Free technical support, and we service what we sell from our central USA location, and all products are covered with one year warranty (Click here for more details).

Please contact us at 800-237-5048 for further questions or additional information.