10230 Bearing & Cup Kit TRW 400020-S1 TA27, TA67, TA70, TE67, TE68, TE69, TD71 and TE70


10230 Bearing & Cup Kit

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10230 Bearing & Cup Kit

The 10230 kit includes 2 cups, and 28 count 3/8″ Ball bearings.

The plastic cage is no longer available, and not needed for the function of the gear  The bearing cage is actually only needed for assembly.  You can use grease to keep the ball bearings in place during the assembly process. Once the gear is assembled (correctly), the ball bearings will not escape from the race


These parts replace the following manufacturer’s part numbers:

Allis Chalmers #4999078 and 5090078

Caterpillar # 309087 and 349973

Hyster# 153473

Yale #158280

White 10p3264

volvo 1738990 and 273105

Dresser Galion Payloader # D74965

Pettibone L30497

TRW/Ross 400020-S1


Used in all TA27, TA67, TA70, TE67, TE68, TE69, TD71, TE70 gears.