11806 3.26″ Marine Column


Column for use with marine style tapered steering wheel hubs, this column measures 3.26″ from top of mounting base to top of tube jacket.

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11806 3.26″ Marine Column

This brand new column is perfect to attach to your steering control unit when doing full hydraulic conversions or upgrades to your boat.  It has the special marine tapered and keyed shaft for the steering wheel.  Please review the following specs to make sure this is a correct match to the wheel you are using.

11806 3.26″ Marine Column is:

  • Special Marine style taper (Eaton AZ style) with .672″ taper start diameter.
  • 5/8″-18 UNF thread.
  • Overall height 6.187″ not including shaft extension from bottom into steering valve.
  • Length from mounting tabs on base to top of outer tube jacket 3.25″.
  • Length of shaft extension 2.00″ from end of threads to end of taper on shaft.
  • Base plate 3.27″ square, has bolt holes on 3.25″ bolt circle that will accept 3/8″ or  (Metric) M10 bolts.
  • Standard .800 O.D. 12 flat root splines for steering unit connection.

The base will match the mounting and splining configuration of all popular Char Lynn, Danfoss, and many other aftermarket steering units.

We also offer a 6.25″ version of this item, part number is 11807