15004 Steering Column for OSPM Style Steering Valves


This 15004 Steering column adapter is for use in retrofitting OSPM styles valves into custom application.

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The 15004 Steering Column for round body OSPM Sauer Danfoss style steering valves is most often used in retro-fit applications.

Please see photo for an example of a OSPM style steering valve showing the round top.  Note that the 15004 steering column cannot be used on common square top steering valves that have 3.25″ bolt circles.

Tube jacket length is 4.88″ including the flange thickness and shaft extension is 1.785″.

Upper splines are .732 OD with a milled flat for a set screw, and are compatible with many u-joints or flex couplings (see our compatible flex coupling, u-joint, or solid coupler).

Lower end connection at bottom of column is a 9 Point involute female spline, and it is recessed.  (Please see photo)