150N4040 Sauer Danfoss Seal Kit


This is an original 150N4040 Sauer Danfoss Seal Kit and can service all OSPB, OSPC, and OSPF series Sauer Danfoss steering valves regardless of when they were made.

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The 150N4040 Sauer Danfoss Seal Kit services all OSPB, OSPC, OSPF, and OSPQ series Sauer Danfoss steering valves. 

This is an original 150N4040 Sauer Danfoss seal kit and includes two different sets of O-rings and two input shaft seals to cover the range of possibilities due to manufacturing changes that Danfoss has made over the years.  Although there is a also a 3rd input shaft seal variation using a lip seal that has been used over the years and is in Danfoss seal kit 150-4267, this can be replaced with the kin ring/oring combination included in this kit in the red plastic protectors shown. If you have other than an OSPB , OSPC, OSPF, or OSPQ model identifier prefix then please call for assistance in determining the correct seal kit.  For service information on how to repair these valves and install this kit click here.

This kit replaces the following manufacturer’s part numbers:

Caterpillar: 6A4645, 918886
Clark: 3292672
Danfoss: 150-4206
Ford/N-H: 82010262
Hyster: 345421, 371347, 2032229, 6352251
John Deere: AZ20003, AL112819
Massey-Ferguson: 1810503M91
Nissan: 49440-91H00
Toyota: 04455-U2010-71
Volvo Construction: 11701270