204-1034-007 12″ Steering Column


This 12″ column has no internal horn wiring and is another good choice for your off road or conversion project.

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204-1034-007 12″ Steering Column

If you have a 204-1034 column with a different design code (the last 3 digits on the end of the part number) this will replace it as an assembly as long as the first seven numbers are the same.

For use with all common Char Lynn, Sauer-Danfoss, and other aftermarket brand steering valves.

204-1034-007 12″ Steering Column has the following dimensional specifications:

  • 36 splines on top with 13/16-20 threads – see our matching nut.
  • Overall height 14.5″ not including shaft extension from bottom into steering valve
  • Length from mounting tabs on base to top of outer tube jacket 11.76″
  • Length of shaft extension 1.785″ from end of threads to top of outer tube jacket
  • Base plate 3.27″ square, has bolt holes on 3.25″ bolt circle that will accept 3/8″ or M10 bolts
  • Standard .800 O.D. 12 flat root splines for steering unit connection