204-1036-007 8″ Steering Column


This 8″ long column has no internal horn wiring and has been used on Clark forklifts as # 999791.

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204-1036-007 Steering Column

For use with all common Char Lynn, Sauer-Danfoss, and other aftermarket brand steering valves.

Has the following dimensional specs.

  • 36 splines on top with 13/16-20 threads – see our matching nut.
  • Overall height 10″ not including shaft extension from bottom into steering valve
  • Length from mounting tabs on base to top of outer tube jacket 7.76″
  • Length of shaft extension 1.785″ from end of threads to top of outer tube jacket
  • Base plate 3.27″ square, has bolt holes on 3.25″ bolt circle that will accept 3/8″ or M10 bolts
  • Standard .800 O.D. 12 flat root splines for steering unit connection
  • No Horn Wiring
  • Eaton 204-1036-007

Used on Clark forklifts as # 999791

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