15001-RCK 7.3 cu. in. Steering Valve Kit – Load Reaction with Single Rod Cylinder


This 7.3 cu. in. hydraulic steering valve kit has the special ability of being able to provide load reaction steering safely when used with a single rod unbalanced cylinder.  Includes steering control valve, adapter column, and mounting bracket.

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15001-RCK 7.3 cu. in. Steering Valve Kit – Load Reaction with Single Rod Cylinder


This high quality Eaton Char Lynn unit is the benchmark for hydraulic steering, and it comes with our (1) One year warranty against all defects in manufacturing.  We also provide service and repair parts in house for these and many other products in case you ever need it.

This is a Load Reaction unit (wheels can return to center) and can be used with an unbalanced cylinder! You are reading correctly!  Normally a load reaction unit requires the use of balanced dual cylinders, or a double ended rod cylinder. Double ended rams turn at the same speed both directions because of the equalized displacement. The single ended rod cylinder turns faster one direction than the other, because of the unequal displacement. So load reaction was not possible.

Eaton has specially engineered this steering unit to work with a single ended cylinder.  It internally compensates for the displacement difference. This will allow the return to center, giving some road feel, allowing less correcting of the steering wheel.

The LH port will need to be connected to the bore end of the cylinder, regardless of markings on the cylinder (please see the simple diagram).  It is Mandatory that the cylinder is installed / oriented that when you pressurize the bore end the steering turns left.  If this is not done this unit will not work correctly. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Please note this is being sold for Off-Road use.

This size works well with many popular cylinders to give the normal 3-4 steering wheel turns lock-to-lock.  The unit has a rated flow requirement of 5 gpm, with at least 2.5 gpm recommended.

Which will be fine for most automotive style pumps.

Unit has the following specs:

  • 120 cc displacement (7.3 cu. in.)
  • 5 Series
  • Open Center oil flow
  • 9/16″-18 O-ring ports
  • M10x1.5 column mtg. threads, (Metric)
  • Std. 12 tooth involute splined input shaft (Same as Char Lynn and Danfoss)
  • Overall height of 5.125″ from bottom to column mtg. face.
  • Manual steering check valve.
  • Load reaction cylinder circuit
  • 2030psi Maximum Rating

The column and bracket are also brand new and available separately.

The column shaft has 3/4″ OD with 36 splines and is 4-5/8″ tall from flange to end of shaft. We stock two options for connection to your steering shaft, a high quality Borgeson u-joints, a straight coupling,  or a rag joint style flange assembly.  Column mounting bolts included as shown.