Conversion Seal Kit for Sumitomo Eaton Hydraulic Steering Units, SK117


SK117 Conversion Seal Kit

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SK117 Conversion Seal Kit

This kit services a SMALL percentage of Japanese made Sumitomo made steering valves, that have seal bores that measure 1.338 ” (34mm) and use a lip seal which we currently do not stock. This conversion kit is designed to keep your steering valve serviceable, as this will keep you from scrapping a usable steering valve just because you can’t get a seal kit!

It converts the steering unit to a standard seal design that has been used since the 1960’s, and will seal the following units:

  • WEE130Z20KUBD
  • WEE145Z20KUUD
  • WEE130Z20KUUE
  • And Possibly others
If you do not see your part number number listed OR if you are unsure about which kit your valve needs then please feel free to message us the numbers from the valve you are working with and we can usually tell you.
This kit also includes basic instruction sheet and exploded parts view.

After installation New Seal bore will measure 1.265″

  • Qty 3 – Body/Gerotor O Rings
  • Qty 1 – Gland O Ring
  • Qty 2 – Manual Check valve plug Orings
  • Qty 1 – Gland Dust Seal
  • Qty 1 – Buna Rubber Quad Ring Pressure Seal
  • Qty 1 – Instruction Sheet (not shown)
  • Qty 1 – Seal Gland

Discounts available when purchasing 3 or more kits. Inquire for more details