CL09P – Eaton Replacement for 86602557 Steering Valve



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CL09P is obsolete, and replaced by 86602557RE please click here

86602557 Steering Valve Replacement Midwest Steering #CL09P

This steering valve is a brand new 5 Series Eaton unit coupled with a column adapter to allow replacement of Parker-TRW/Ross steering valves that have the pin hole shaft and built in relief valve function. Used on many Ford models 5110, 5610, 5900, 6410, 6610, 6810, 7610, this valve is identical hydraulically to the Hydraguide it replaces, and comes with a one year unlimited hour usage warranty.  The column and valve are both manufactured in the USA.



As you can see in the comparison photos, the shaft extension, mounting bolt hole size and locations, and overall size are the same as the original Hydraguide. The ports are the same size as original but they are in somewhat different locations, so your supply lines will need to be moved or bent a bit to accommodate the new position.  We highly recommend checking your installation and comparing to the photo that shows the porting arrangement so you will know what is involved.


If you have questions, please call 800-237-5048 for more information.


Here is a list of part numbers that can be replaced with this conversion unit:


  • E4NN3A244AA, 83948972, 86602590, 86602557