GS42315A- 212-1070-002 Midwest Steering Replacement


GS42315A- Midwest Steering Replacement for 212-1070

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GS42315A: Midwest Steering Replacement for 212-1070-002 Steering Valve.

These reliable Italian made units are great replacements for Eaton Char Lynn closed center 212-1070-002 (or -001) and 212-1007-001 (or -002) steering valves and will save you nearly $300.  

They will replace the original in most all applications, the only significant difference being the spacing between the port openings. These units follow the Sauer Danfoss port spacing pattern instead of Eaton’s, but if your fittings screw directly into the unit this is not an issue, the ports themselves are the same as is the column attachment threading and all internal flow specifications. These come with our (1) one year warranty, and we also provide service and repair parts in house for these in case you ever need it. 

Unit has the following specs:

  • 315 cc displacement (19.2 cu. in.)
  • Closed center oil flow
  • 3/4″-16 O-ring ports (#6 JIC oring)
  • 3/8″-16 column mtg. threads.
  • Std. 12 tooth involute splined input shaft (Same as Char Lynn and Danfoss)
  • Overall height of 6.25″ from bottom to column mtg. face.
  • Manual steering check valve.
  • Inlet check valve to reduce possible kickback at steering wheel 
  • Non Load reaction cylinder circuit