RS91250A-RCK 15.1 cu. in. Hydraulic Steering Valve Kit


This 15.1 cu. in. hydraulic steering valve kit for off road applications has 3/4-16 ports and includes the steering control valve, adapter column, and mounting bracket.

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RS91250A-RCK 15.1 cu. in. Hydraulic Steering Valve Kit

Save on this popular kit compared to buying the separate pieces!
The steering valve is a Midwest Steering unit and comes with our 1 year warranty against any defects in material or workmanship.  The column and bracket are also brand new and available separately. The steering control unit has the following specs.

This non-load reaction unit (wheels stay pointed where you steer it, no return to center or reaction from loads at steered wheels) can be used with any cylinder type, but if you are using a balanced cylinder or two identical single ended cylinders you should look at the load reaction units also in our store.  We recommend as do all steering unit manufacturers that you use this style unit for sure if you have one single ended cylinder.

This size works well with many popular cylinders to give the normal 3-4 steering wheel turns lock-to-lock, but if you are unsure of the size you need let us know as we have numerous displacements available and can help you determine what is best for your needs, just call us with your cylinder dimensions (bore i.d., stroke being used, and rod o.d.) and we can help you with the calculation.  The unit has a rated flow requirement of 6.6 GPM, so your stock pump may not have enough volume to run this pump in all operating conditions, particularly when turning the steering wheel fast.

  • 15.1 cubic inch displacement (250cc)
  • 6.6 GPM minimum flow requirement @ 100 rpm
  • Open center oil flow
  • Non-load reaction – suitable for use with all cylinder types
  • Four ports with 3/4″-16 O-ring threads (#8)
  • 6.5″ overall height – unit only
  • Inlet Check Valve In Pressure Port (removable)
  • Manual steering check valve for emergency use

The column shaft has 3/4″ OD with 36 splines and is 4-5/8″ tall from flange to end of shaft. We stock two options for connection to your steering shaft, a high quality Borgeson u-joints, a straight coupling,  or a rag joint style flange assembly.  Column mounting bolts included as shown.