Steering Column Tech Tip # 1  Column Attachment

Steering Column Tech Tip #1 Column to Valve Attachment

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Steering Column Tech Tip # 1  Column Attachment

A common question we are asked is; “Which column will fit my steering control unit?”   The answer, like most things can be complicated.   There are numerous different columns with different length measurements, shaft tops, special horn wiring features, and column mounting.  Lets start with the the column mounting.

This post will explain the most common column to steering column connection style.

  1. The majority of steering control units use an industry standard mounting style, at Midwest Steering we refer to this as “Eaton Style”.  The steering valve will have a 4 bolt mounting pattern on a 3.25″ bolt circle centerline. (Please see attached photo here)  The green line line represent the 3.25″ measurement.  Also the steering control unit will have a spool connection with female 12 point involute splines.
  2. The majority of steering columns will also have a 4 bolt mounting pattern on 3.25″ centerline.  The column shaft will have a Male 12 point involute spline to make the connection.
  3. This is the most common style of column attachment, but there are some other steering valves with different mounting patterns and attachments. So please check your existing steering column and steering unit prior to ordering

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